How to tell if your pc or mac is infected with Adware?

In today’s Internet connected world it is more important than ever to check the security of your devices. One issue we are seeing dominating our service repairs is the emergence of Adware in the form of browser highjacks. Adware is mostly installed inadvertently while installing free software hiding in the installer options hoping to go unnoticed. Once the adware is on your system it can be very difficult to remove fully even after manual removal the adware has become so sophisticated it can regenerate itself again. Adware is also known to highjack all installed browsers not just the one you may currently use. This is why it is important to seek professional IT help to remove this threat for good.

What is adware?

Adware also known as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) comes in many forms. Mostly in a browser extension add ons and toolbars which track your online movements. They can redirect your search results to unsafe websites where malware can be downloaded and installed, hijack your search page, slow your computer down to a crawl and flood the internet with spam all coming from your IP address. Adware is not the same as malware but can be hard to tell the difference without a full diagnoses.

How to tell if you have adware on your system?

First of all can you see any of the following names appearing  anywhere in your internet browser window or toolbar area:

  • Ask Toolbar
  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Conduit Search Protect
  • Babylon
  • Optimizer Pro

This is not an extensive list but names a few of the most common offenders. While we have listed some legitimate tool bars above we believe these same toolbars can be unwanted and also gather data on search habits.

Now check through this checklist to see if you are experiencing any of the side affects of adware:

  • Highjacked search page (Non google or better known search page)
  • Random pop ups including advertisements.
  • Funmoods smiley faces or links to random sites appearing.
  • Special offers from gambling sites.
  • Computer slow down.
  • Internet speeds reduced
  • Malvertising by highjacking adverts on social media sites to show their malware-laced adverts in its place.

Sometimes even trusted extensions and addons have been purchased by adware companies and once owned have been converted into adware overnight. This is why it is important to only install software from trusted developers and keep up to date with any update change logs.

Get rid of Adware forever!

If you believe you have adware effecting your machine or are experiencing any of the above symptoms. Contact us today. We can safely remove all adware and also install specialized software that can prevent any future adware from installing on your computer. We can repair your machine over the internet so you would not even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Just one of many service we provide at IT Support Chichester.

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