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Did you know you might not need to invest in a new computer? You may be able to achieve the same performance gain by upgrading your hardware.


Sometimes a simple computer upgrade is all that is needed to make a dramatic change to the performance speed of your device. What you use your computer for will be the deciding factor when it comes to determine what hardware you will need. Gamers may need more memory or a new graphics card from the likes of Nvidia or AMD. Music producers may need a MIDI interface or a preamp. Bloggers may need a webcam or microphone.

There are many computer upgrade options available, be it speed increases, functionality, storage or computer styling. Whatever your needs, we can supply to your specification and fit in your own home.

Simply use the contact us page and state your computer upgrade requirements and we will be more than happy to assist.

We can supply the following items;

Computer hard drives (SATA & SSD), memory modules (RAM), Intel or AMD processors, CD and DVD writers, Blu-Ray drives, computer cases, motherboards, media streaming devices, new computers, software, USB, Micro SD storage, scanners printers, faxes and more.

  • Is Your Computer Old?
  • Is It Becoming Slow and Sluggish?
  • Need More Memory?

The number one reason for a slow computer is due to a lack of memory. Increasing your computer memory is a simple process and can be installed within a few minutes by an engineer. Memory prices have fallen dramatically over the years so now is the perfect time to invest. A small chip is installed into your system instantly improving overall performance. The ability to run more than one program at once with faster and increased response times is achieved. By far the most cost-effective way to bring life back into your computer system.

You may also be in the market for a new processor, the core or your machine, the brain power! The faster the processor, the faster tasks are performed, the faster your computer starts, the more responsive it will become. We supply and fit AMD and Pentium processors only – The main competitors.

If you are interested in creating your own DVDs or compiling your own music albums, you may be interested in a CD or DVD writer or a combined unit that allows you to make both. Or how about a high definition Blu-ray drive for all those crystal clear movies.

If you have had your computer a while, collect mp3s, videos ad images, you may find that you are running out of space. We can install a secondary drive in your computer without touching what you already have on your machine to give you extra hard drive space. You could also benefit dramatically by installing a Solid State Drive (SSD). They are more expensive per GB then conventional mechanic hard drives but due to their chip architecture they can be extremely responsive. We believe that SSD’s or PCI driven storage will completely replace standard mechanical drives in the near future.

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