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We can provide a solution for all your device problems. PC, Mac, Linux,
IOS and Android. A qualified engineer can help you instantly via our remote
services. An engineer can access your device over the internet and repair it
without having to travel to your location. The benefit's of remote support
means we can offer cheaper and Instant support services.
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Server, Website & Email
Hosting. Template edits.
Customized Features
We offer affordable, secure & fast hosting solutions for any sized website or business. We have packages to suit any budget or needs. We can customize a solution to fit your exact requirements. Prices start from as little as £4.00 per month.

We offer custom website design. We can create a website from the ground up or we can add features or pages to your existing websites. We fully support Wordpress and static pages.
Server Software
Have you lost your data?
Do you need it recovered?
We are specialists
There is nothing worse than that dreaded moment when you realize you
have lost that all important work project or irreplaceable photo or video.
Even if your computer stops working or you have mistakenly formatted or
deleted a partition or file on the disk drive we can recover it. With our
state of the art recovery techniques we can recover each bit of data,
analyze it and restore it. We can recover many file formats from PC's,
Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android, Digital Cameras, SD & SDHC as well as
external drives and usb devices. Contact Us Today.

Welcome to IT Support Chichester

We offer IT, Hosting & Website Design services in
West Sussex & Hampshire

We pride ourselves on being competitive in an ever evolving market. We keep up to date with all the latest technologies and security threats which helps us keep an edge over our competitors. We thrive on problem solving situations. We offer excellent on going and after care support.

With our attention to detail and ability to solve almost any technical issue we feel we are the perfect solution for your IT support requirements.

We currently offer support services for West Sussex and Hampshire. We can also travel out of the area for a small mileage fee. Please contact us if you would like more details.

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Our Services Overview

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We offer a wide range of IT services. These include:

We also offer website services including: