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Security Services

Website vulnerabilities can make it easy for a hacker to gain access to your website. Outdated plugins, theme or WordPress version can be exploited and used to steal your online data. WordPress out the box is a very stable but not very secure. Due to it’s popularity and use of PHP coding it has made WordPress websites a hot target for online hackers.

There are a number ways we secure WordPress websites. A full security audit will be done to determine what your website needs. Below are a many of our most common practices.

  • Website security & code hardening
  • Check & set correct file permissions
  • Move the administrator area
  • Set up Real time file monitoring that can detect any changes in files.
  • Removing unused files.
  • Removing unused Themes and Plugins
  • Install real time anti-virus & configure to suit.
  • Set up monitoring notifications

Backups Services

We also offer as part of our advanced monthly website security plan full website backups. Backups include:

  • All data folders and contained files.
  • Full SQL database.

We share the database and full site backups directly to a synced shared folder which you have full access to.

If you need a website backup restoring this is a separate charged service. A site restore is normally charged at £35.00.

Order A Backup Restore


A typical backup schedule would look like this…

  • Daily database backup at 11:00pm. The last 7 backups will be stored and refreshed.
  • Weekly database & files (Full backup), every Sunday at 9:00am. The last 3 full backups will be stored.

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  • Full Security Audit
  • Shared Backups
  • Real-time Monitoring

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