Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

Our world has changed…

We rely on digital content like never before. We take cherished photos and videos on a daily basis. We collaborate and share documents between friends, groups and organizations.  While our digital lives have evolved to where we are today our backup practices have not. There are many backup solutions, how do you know which one is right for you?

I use the cloud I am backed up right?…

Most people rely on some form of cloud service, provided by a third party. Such services have large pitfalls and as a user or business you may not be aware of some of them. In our experience we have witnessed clients lose cloud data due to accidental deletion. Sometimes users think data has been backed up when it has not. Also to completely back up all your storage needs you would need to have a pretty large storage account which will cost you periodically more money. Our storage needs will continue to grow throughout our lives.

Cloud storage can bring many conveniences however it should not be relied upon as a complete backup solution.It can also be quite expensive depending on how much storage capacity you need.

Cloud Storage can leave you more vulnerable to hackers..

There are also concerns about content ownership as well as privacy issues. In 2014 alone we saw hackers steal personal data and credit card information. We even saw celebrity’s having their iCloud accounts compromised and personal explicit images were released across the internet. See here for the story. pretty scary stuff. This is why you need to implement a good 2 factor password policy. As well as using complicated random generated passwords.

Cloud software could be slowing down your network…

Another issue we have seen is with the cloud software itself. Intelligent as it is it can dramatically slow down the local area network (LAN) due to it’s instant sync and share features. On a small scale this may be fine however in a medium to large organization this kind of data handling can cause serious network problems including downtime.

Having a backup solution in place secures your data from Ransomware…

Ransomware is on the rise. Cyber criminals are targeting devices of all types. Ransomware is a particular common and nasty attack as there is no solution for it once your data has been locked.

Once attackers gain access to your device/s they encrypt all your data. They then demand money from you in the form of Bitcoin in order to get the encryption key to unlock your files. In most cases you will not receive a key once payment has been made. This kind of attack can be circumvented with a Backup. All you would need to do is have the device securely wiped then the data can be restored back onto your device.



Our recommendation for the majority of backup solutions is a local RAID backup solution that works in conjunction with cloud services. We also recommend using specialized sync software that can work with network traffic and schedule a convenient time to transfer data. We can tailor a complete backup solution to work for your home or business.

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