How to easily remove bloatware from your windows computer

What is bloatware?

When you purchase a new Windows computer from a merchant it will mostly always come with added software. The software provided is just trial versions and after a trial period will ask you for payment. 9 times out of 10 you will never use the provided trial applications. These applications can take up space and memory on your device. There is a simple and safe way to remove bloatware below we explain how.

Bloatwear Applications


Uninstalling bloatware

There are two helpful applications you can use one is called PC Decrapifier and the other is Should I Remove It.

The great thing with these applications is it will make suggestions on what software it recommends you to uninstall using its ratings and removal success database. Should I Remove It is a much more detailed application as it can tell extensive information about the selected application. Like background info, publisher, popularity and any known behaviour.

Should I Remove It Bloatware

To remove bloatware follow this guide:

Step 1.  Install either PC Decrapifier or Should I Remove It.

Step 2. Run the application press ok to any prompts.

Step 3. Bulk select the applications flagged as bloatware and uninstall them. (Note: you can uninstall more than one application at the same time.)

Once you have completed the installation we would recommend running another third-party application called CCleaner. This software from piriform will delete all the left over files registry files and content that is commonly left behind when uninstalling applications.

CCleaner Registry Cleaner

How to run CCleaner:

Step 1. Download and install the application.

Step 2. click on Registry in the left hand menu

Step 3. Click Scan for Issues

Step 4. Click Fix Selected Issues

Step 5. When prompted press yes to back up the registry and save the file to your desktop.

Step 6. Press Fix All Selected Issues

Step 7. Repeat the scan several times until no issues are found.

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